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Addiction: No Discrimination

Savannah, GA Photographer


Addiction is something no one wants; even the addicts. No one plans to become addicted nor is it something a wee one aspires to become. It's something that just happens. Whether it's peer pressure to try something or an escape from traumatic memories, no one is immune. 

It doesn't matter if you are a movie star, a CEO, a mom, a beauty queen, or just your average Joe, addiction does not discriminate. It loves all walks of life and when it grabs you, it has a grip worse than an anaconda. It feeds on the weak and those with low self esteems. It thrives on those who believe they are invincible and strong. It drinks the soul of the rich and powerful. 

It is all consuming.

Morgan was my inspiration, well, part of it. She was a beautiful, vibrant 26 year old mother of 4, big sister, daughter, and loved beyond imagination. Her family loved her and had tried to help her many times. Through the course of her teens to adulthood, there had been several interventions with Morgan's best interest at heart, but the fierce grip of addiction always seemed to rope her back in. 

Addiction eventually won the war even though her family fought relentlessly. It tore everyone she loved apart. On August 10, 2016 heroin took the vibrant life of this former cheerleader. She was found on the side of a road, wrapped up in a rug. Discarded like trash and treated unworthy of a call for an ambulance. Thrown away by someone I'm sure she considered "a friend". As they say, misery loves company.  

This is the reality of addiction. 

Addiction doesn't care about the color of your skin, how much money you have, your "job title", or where you live. It also doesn't care who it hurts, how it hurts them, or when. Addiction is a self-absorbed narcissist who's sole purpose in life is to control, damage, and destroy. 

Addiction - No Discrimination



Georgia Walters is a portrait photographer in Savannah, GA. 

Models: Toban Flores, Crystal Butterfly, Briannah Shae, Hannah Conroy-Philbrook, Saundre'a Polk

Makeup: Sarah Cuda

Special thanks goes out to my son, Shadow Knight, for all his help lugging props and setting up