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Amphibian Air: A Must Experience

GoPro Video Still Image (Courtesy of Amphibian Air)

GoPro Video Still Image (Courtesy of Amphibian Air)

Amphibian Air

Savannah, GA Photographer

Have you ever flown in a motorized hang glider? That is basically what this flying machine is.... and it's amazing! Meet Dave Myers and his amazing instructional flight you do not want to miss out on. 

One of the services I provide for all my out of town clients is a series of emails that relays tours I recommend. These are tours that I have personally contacted, experienced, and enjoyed so much that I just have to spread the news on it. Amphibian Air is one of those amazing tours. Pilot Dave made it just that much more enjoyable.

You will board at a local boat ramp where Dave will explain to you how the machine works and it's history. You will find out there are only 5 places in the world to experience one of these instructional flights and Savannah is one of them! Buckle on down in the 5 point harness system and don the headphones and sit back for a flight that will rock your world.


You will taxi down the boat ramp into the water where the wheels will then slowly retract. As you taxi slowly out into a large channel of water Dave will explain more of the technical workings and the dash panel in front of him.

Then the engine revs and he pushes the bar forward and up and away you go. The engine behind you roars in excitement of the flight it is about to achieve and your breath is stolen in sheer excitement and beauty of the world around you.

You soar like a bird. You glide along at about 1000' feet up. No walls. No blocks. No worries. Just you, the world, and Pilot Dave. Through the headphones, Dave's voice pentrates your wonder as he relays history and lore about the islands and the marshes you fly over. He's extremely knowledgeable. One solid hour of freedom.

If you're like me and love a beautiful sunset it'll be the time of the day you choose for your flight. And it's a decision you will never forget or regret.

Amphibian Air is one of those things that I can't find the words to fully articulate how much I enjoyed it. Not only the flight but also the pilot. Dave is personable, has a great sense of humor and just a very genuine guy to be around. 

Call him today and book a flight for your vacation. It's a must do! 

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