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Dascha Hix - Savannah, GA Photographer

Dascha Hix

Savannah, GA photographer in TN/KY

I recently was commissioned to go to the TN/KY area to photograph this beautiful young lady. I'd never been to this area before so I was having a difficult time getting creative .... until I got there. I arrived on Nov. 5 to find some of the most amazing scenes and I couldn't wait to get started. 

The first thing on the agenda was to scout out locations. Dascha's parents were gracious enough to drive around, for hours, while I viewed different creeks, hiked to various locations, and discussed lighting at certain times of the day. It looked like the next week was going to be a series of rising before the sun.

Our first session begin at 6am as the sun came up behind the trees. It was a very cold 35 degrees while I'm sure this spring fed creek was about the same temperature. Dascha braved it all with grace and beauty and never uttered a single complaint. She quietly shivered in her barely there outfit while I stood in almost waist deep water praying that I was not shaking enough to disturb the images.  But it was worth it. 


A couple of days later, after I visited the Trail of Tears, I was inspired to bring out Dascha's Cherokee and Sioux heritage. We spent the evening before creating outfits and planning her makeup. At 5am, in the dark, we hiked to the location to capture the beautiful morning light. Once again, it was 34 degrees and we were freezing but, Dascha was a champ. Never a complaint, never a groan. Her heritage is shown beautifully.

In the middle of the week Mrs. North American 2015 joined us for an early morning session and I'll put up Crystal's blog later. Here are a couple of photos of Dascha and Crystal together. Both of these woman are champions because I can honestly tell you this water was VERY COLD!

For my final session in this colorful wonderland that just had my creativity bursting to the seams we chose to do a sunset session with a boho inspired look. We found a field of tall, dried grass to compliment the golden light of the sun setting and together, we watched magic being created. 

Traveling for this session has really boosted my creative mind and I would love to travel again. It was an amazing time of learning a new environment, weather, time zone, and clients. Not only did I travel into a different time zone but the time "fell back" the day after I arrived as well so I had some major adjusting to do! I'm ready to adjust again. 

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