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Hurricane Matthew - Savannah GA Photographer

Savannah, GA Photographer

Hurricane Matthew came ashore on Oct 7, 2016 and wreaked havoc on our small, historic community. Savannah, GA is well traveled tourist community full of history, trees, and picturesque homes. Savannah, GA was the first planned city and was established in 1733. It is visited by millions every year as people flock to see the birthplace of Juliette Gordon (founder of Girl Scouts), Bonaventure Cemetery, Fort Pulaski, Tybee Island, or even our famous ballast stone River St.  

Savannah's last major hurricane to affect the area was in 1979 when Hurricane David made landfall at Ossabaw Sound. Hurricane Matthew pummeled Tybee Island with 95mph winds and 12.56' storm surges. Savannah and Tybee suffered from flooding, downed trees, and homes and businesses that were damaged. As of the writing of this blog, Tybee Island is still closed to the public which is causing major loss in revenues for the businesses, in which most are locally owned. Savannah, for the most part, is back up and running as most of the streets are clear and power has been restored to many areas. 

My family and my home were blessed and came out of the storm without any damage or loss. We had a tree in the backyard that we were certain would come down and go right through our bedroom but thankfully, it stayed put. My next door neighbor was not as blessed as a tree fell and took out the power lines and therefore catching her house on fire. My heart hurts for her. Thankfully, they were not home. 

The above video is a small collection of an hour's walk around midtown and some of the damage I saw during my walk. This, in no way, touches on the damage, pain, and loss that my local Savanniahs feel. 

Yesterday, a friend of mine, Regan of Grand Garages, told me about a member of the Small Business Chamber who sustained severe damage to their home and they needed help salvaging what they could. I jumped right on it and headed over there. I was floored at the amount of downed trees in this area of Whitfield Rd. I just knew it was going to be bad. 

It was. 

Below are just cell phone shots from inside the home. I didn't take my camera because I had gone to clean, not shoot. We pulled wet mattress and clothes, furniture, dishes, and more out of this home. We tripped over the limb that sliced through the house and landed in the living room and we worried that the bedroom ceiling was going to cave in before we could get it all out. My heart hurts for her and her family but thankfully, they are all unharmed. 

Needless to say, just from the few pictures, you can see that Savannah was hit hard, but we are strong and we will bounce back and be better than ever before. We have a strong sense of community and it's been amazing to see all the wonderful acts of neighbors helping each other and strangers, people handing out food and water, homes being opened up to those without power so they could charge phones or take a hot shower. We've united and come together to rebuild, not only our community but our sense of home. 

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