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Master Richie - Savannah Ga Portrait Photographer

Master Richie

Savannah GA Portrait Photographer

This! This little man is Master Richie. A gorgeous, little package 6 months old. I've been photographing his mom for 3 years and when she got pregnant I was so excited. Master Richie is a gorgeous blend of his mom and his dad. He's going to be a little heart breaker.

Master Richie is a special little man. Not only is he a rainbow baby, he's a unicorn rainbow baby. For those who do not know, a rainbow baby is a baby who is born after a miscarriage. A unicorn baby is one of those rare ones who never cries, never fusses, and is just happy all the time. This is Master Richie. 


Chunky Munky here didn't get his nap before our session so he wasn't his generally smiley self but he never fussed. He did love this old fire truck though. 

It was one of those unbearably hot afternoons here in South Georgia. The heat index was 115 degrees. He was sweaty, as we all were but he never fussed. Not even when his clothes kept getting changed. I think it's that amber necklace he's worn since he was born.

Master Richie has 3 older sisters who are going to spoil him rotten for sure. Hillary, Jessica, and Sophie flew over the big drink (Atlantic) to visit their baby brother. He's going to miss them and their doting. 

Daddy's boy. His first son. It's amazing to watch Philip with his son. He's a doting father who, not only cherishes his daughters, but is beyond thrilled to have a son. That's his boy.

Finally, the family portrait. It's not very often this split family is able to be together at once. Half living over seas, the other half in America. Some working, some in college, and always, life attempting to get in the way. But for a couple of weeks, a short couple of weeks... they were whole.


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