Georgia Walters

Fine Art Note Cards

Fine Art Note Cards


When you want to send a note...

Instead of sending a generic card from a big box store, send your loved one a beautiful, fine art note card printed on watercolor paper. Professionally printed and beautiful enough to frame. You'll send two gifts in one little envelope. Each collection is lovingly packaged and contains 5 note cards measuring 4" x 5.5" and five envelopes. 

Each folded card has a written description of the photograph on the back to give the receiver more detailed information on the location or animal depicted. 

"These cards are gorgeous! The cards themselves are such high quality paper. And the photos are exceptionally beautiful. I am excited to use these. No doubt the recipients will feel extra special!" ~ Karla I.


Scroll through the photographs and choose the five cards you like the best, and click their names on your order. If you are ordering more than 5, add a note stating which cards you would like duplicates of.  

If you're not picky, don't make any selections and I'll send you my favorite images. 


There are currently 15 different styles to choose from.